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Replacement shocks?

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I am currently using a set of Koni reds from my 94 Legend GS sedan. My (2) rear shocks are leaking and needs to be replaced. I bought this set of Koni's shocks F/R because these were the only ones at the time that has the dropped perch ring for the fronts and rears. I like the way they look in the fronts on the lower perch ring, which gives the fronts and rears an even stance. My main question is this.......Is there another set of shocks (different manufacturer) which are similar to the Koni reds which has the dropped perch rings in the fronts to make it match the rears (even stance) when installed? I have a set of Bilsteins on my other car which has the dropped perch rings, but I don't think they make a set for my Legend. I tried calling Koni for warranty, but they seem to be really strict / reluctant interms of replacement warranty. I am the original owner of this set of Koni reds (which is Koni's warranty requirement), but have lost my rec'd and forgot where I purchased them, since I bought them god knows when. I would buy another set of Koni's if not for their bad warranty policy. I still even have the original boxes which the Koni's came in, but Koni won't accept that as originally owned set of shocks and refuse to warranty my leaky rear shocks. So, does anyone here have any suggestions interms of a similar replacement? I want the same ride comfort and height stance as the Konis. I don't want coil overs, so what are my choice(s)?
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Bilsteins? Sounds like an NSX owner.
Gabe is that you?
Want my receipt of Koni reds? It was purchased 6 months ago.
Thanks for your offer anyway. However, I just end up buying another set from Koni as they sold them to me at the warranty pricing.
Does Koni still make shocks for legend LS 1993
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