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Replacement Windshield

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I need help, anyone of you guys knows a trusted shop where i can fix or replace the windshield. Or a company that knows what it is doing, that approaches you. Our little crack has covered the entire underside of the windshield and it doesn't seem too secure anymore.
All these horrible stories about a horrible windshield replacement has me worried and indecisive... hahaha
Thank you!
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When I had my 94 Legend, I had to have my windshield replaced twice, over the years. They went in OK both times and didn't leak. The problem is, the aftermarket windshields are not as good as the originals. The first one had an issue with the glued on, inside mirror. Just like anything, try to go to a big name auto glass shop and hopefully they have someone who can install it properly. I'm not sure what you're issue is. Is it the lack of availability, due to the age of the vehicle? Junk yards? Ebay?
I live in New Hampshire so I can't help you with a shop near you. Good luck
There is a glass shop SunTec Peoria Windshield Replacement at AZ I changed mines there a year ago and I still haven't had any problems.
I know also another great shop named Peoria Mobile Auto Glass.
But one thing there avoids Chinese sources glass because they are cheap & tends to distort.
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