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replacing a legends timing belt

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has anyone here ever replaced a timing belt on a legend is it really hard? any tips? would it be a good idea to do it by yourself and not by a garage
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Unless you are an experienced mechanic (which you aren't since you are asking this question) or have a good friend who knows what they are doing, better off to pay someone to do the TB - difficult and unforgiving if not done exactly right. Should be about $250-$300 labor + parts (belts, seals, water pump, tensioner, etc)
Unless you are very familer with the inner workings of the internal combustion engine, and know like the back of your hand how they operate such as the crankshaft rotates twice for every rotation of the camshafts. Know how to check for TDC (Top dead center) for the No1 piston, look for the timing marks and know how to set properly.
Know little tricks on how to loosen the large bolt that holds the harmonic balancer on crankshaft using the engines own starter torque to loosen.
Thus not needing a high air pressure air wrench to do so.
Must have a good memory for where every bolt came from or can mark each one for its return to the original location. Has a torque wrench and knows how to use.
Able to replace the water pump, cleaning all traces of old gasket for any old material so that it will provide a good non-leaking seal.
Knowing that if it leaks you will be back here again.
Know how to check and or replace the timing belt belt tensioner and how to use the spring to provide the adequate tension before tightening it down.
And you must be able to reach down in those little tight spots to get everthing the way the factory intended.
but most of all ... You must have CONFIDENCE in your abilities.
Took me about 10 hours to do the first time

Otherwise you will create a boat anchor.:cool:
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Yep, yep Thats true.

All that or go to the dealer and Pay, Ready for the Dealer cost for a Timming belt Job.

Parts and labor)

In Long Island NY


Exactly, That is what I said!

But this is a job that you must be careful doing and be carefull not doing.

I been hearing you guys tell us "Change your timing belt because If you don't, it will bust and the engine is gone"

Guess what? The dealer without me saying a word told me the same thing!
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