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Results from my compression test

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pass side cylinders 155, 150, 165
dr side 180 180 180
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CoUzIn said:
pass side cylinders 155, 150, 165
dr side 180 180 180
Hmmm, just wondering, that´s the cylinder on the passenger side are so different ? Especially the last value of "165".
Top values are, when they have all the same measured values i.e. "180 180 180". The higher the values they are better.
"180 180 180" on all cylinders would be better !!!

Mike / Cologne (Germany)
how do u get a conpression test and how much?
Nitrous Guys

What would you consider decent for nitrous use in terms of compression and also leakdown. Are coUzIn's results good?(for nitrous)

LEgEnD4LiFe said:
also, why would nos be bad if ur compression is too low?
If compression is low to begin with. that means something is worn. Nitrous use can accellerate that wear. My suggestion is locate the reason why you are getting lower compression, correct it, & bottle up.

Also, i'd check your plugs as well. They can help in determining why numbers are high/low.
One whole side is consistently lower than the other. The readings should not vary by more than 10 to 15 percent from cylinder to cylinder. You may have a very small head gasket leak on the low side.
i hope its not a headgasket leak, I'm gonna go do a leakdown test soon to further check up on it.
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