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so yeah, just recently, i posted about my 5-speed's 400,000th birthday. sad news is, those numbers don't come without difficulties. here's a list of annoyances just off the top of my head:

I hear ya! Tonight i will hit 475,000kms, I plan to snap a photo of that and use as my next Avtar. The rust is killing my car more then any mechanical problems.
1) no second gear. it sucks shifting from 1st to 3rd especially in heavy freeway traffic.

2nd has been going on me since last summer, but really it still pops out occasionally, every 20 shifts or so. That has stayed the same for a long time. I have become used to it.2) i've warped my 2nd set of rotors all around. my front ones are actually on their third set and i'm not quite sure what i'm doing wrong. i should have new calipers all around, fresh pads every time i change anything (except the last time i did the front rotors) but my car still shudders violently when i hit the brakes from anything above 60 mph.

Just purchased 2 new rotors and pads for the rear - cost me a whole $58.00 CDN cash from the auto supplier I go too. At that price replacing every two years is no problem.

3) i snapped the parking brake cable and while i jerryrigged a fix for it, i need to be careful not to rip it like any other car.

Brakes did not hold - but after replacing the rotors & pads they worked fine again with no adjustment required.

7) the engine's weak. there's a noticeable difference in pull, according to my ass-dyno, between my 300k auto and hte 400k 5-speed. it's surprising how it gets the mileage it does.

My engine seems strong and passes E-test. No smoke - really smooth. It truly amazes me.

anyhoo, so i decided it'd be cheaper to put it away and get me another vehicle. it's kinda sad cuz i wanna see it hit the 500000 mark like some people mentioned but i gotta go the cheap route.

I'm lookin to hit the 1/2 century mark (in Km's). It's a fun goal... It should almost correspond with my last house payment. Every month I drive a car that cost me less then $100.00 in repairs/month on average puts that savings in my pocket through my house. So at 500K I plan on considering something else.
good news is, i found a manual 90 legend coupe with 157k miles! i tested it today and sheez... i've been missing out. it's got a nasty bump on the passenger side but the rest is really clean! $1900 stretches some sensitive muscles for me but i think it's still better than the $3500 i'da spent just for engine and tranny...

just an update.
Excellent! and you have a free spare parts dept with your other car!
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