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This is crazy, the problem has returned. If some of you recall about 1 month ago, my battery would drain overnight. I purchased a new battery at the time (DieHard), I left the car a whole day and it was fine.. then, I woke in the morning, and the new battery was dead. My dad and I started looking for shorts, or anything out of place, we found two electrical wires (looked like thick 12guage speaker wire), that were near the battery tucked away (not connected)... however they were touching the metal of the car. The wires traveled to the altenator. We took off these wires and noticed they looked burned, like grease had fallen on them and they had been throwing sparks. We unplugged them. Used a booster battery to start the car, drove the car around to charge the battery and the problem didn't return.

Well Thursday I didn't run the car the whole day, I woke up (Friday), tried to turn it on, .. and same symptoms again... not enough power to turn the starter. The dash will light up dimly or flutter, windows will roll slowly, starter will barely turn... not enough juice to turn on the car....

The only other problem the car has been experiencing is a bad VSS sensor, and I highly doubt that has anything to do with it.

What do you think!?!
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