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does anybody know if these will fit my '94 Legend L Sedan ?
i BELIEVE I have the 6.5's up front, 6x9's in back, along with 2 tweeters next to the 6x9s...............i want to know if this set of components will fit my car

or will this 1?

which is better and/or will fit better? or else what should i get?
(rockford fosgate). and i heard the fanatic Q component sytems are awesome...........anybody have any advice, experience, input?? please respond ASAP guys, thanks:)

(P.S. i know this thread doesnt belong here, but please let it be here for awhile because no-one ever replies in the audio section like they do in here, and i need to know ASAP, thanks:) )

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any component set will fit your car with very little mod or effert.
I have the RF Fanatic Q series in the front now as I got them at an amazing deal. They are the 5 1/2 and I have a set of 6 1/2 in the rear (both compenent sets - mid/tweet) I paid next to nothing for these that Is the only reason I bought them and I have to say they are PRETTY DAM SWEET!!! The sound was very shape (with x-over and amp, don't know about deck power) and the tweets look pretty cool mounted on the door near the door handle with the RF logo, I have gotten many offers from people wanting to buy them so I think they must sound pretty good.

as for will they fit, simply make a 6x9 piece of wood (very thin) and then cut out a 5 1/4 speaker in the center and you will be fine. (the 5 1/4 fits better in the back than the 6 1/2, the 6 is a little too tight)
Good Luck,
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