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RPM needle sticking

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my RPM needle just started sticking and its probably cause of my indiglows the tape probably got loose, do u think this will cause harm to the calibration until i have a chance to fix it or should i get on this ASAP???
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No, mine did the same thing only when cold outside though (AC blowing full bast for about 1 hr straight). I don't know what it was, I thought about if it was the glow gauges, but I couldn't be sure. I thought about tearing it apart to see what was up but never got around to it.
Nah won't cause harm, but it's hella annoying.
i got the same guages as you, after about 3 weeks of having them in, mine started doing the same, however after about 2 minutes of my car being on, reving or not, even if at idle, the needle will eventually go back to normal, very strange... but yeah most likely the tape :(.

ps- still lovin these guages tho
Damn Roger I just noticed the new sig, that grill is trill!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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