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safe mods?

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I just bought a saturn and am about to stop driving my legend for repairs. since i will have the time to slow down and see what i am doing, i figured i'd do a few mods. what are some mods i can do that are safe and give worthwhile performance gains?

p.s. no nitrous, no turbo.
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by safe to you mean legally safe, or just safe for your car?

none of these mods are gona make your ride amazing or anything, but they do work for a couple horsies, and will definetly make your ride more enjoyable over stock with the nice sounds.

take off every little bit of weight you can off, seats, dash, even buttons and wires that arent required to drive, cut metal frame that wont compromise the structural integrity of the car... or if you still want girls to want to ride in it take everything out the trunk, spare tire, lining, and possibly the back seats. I took out everything from the front seats back, and couple things under the hood and it added up to 200lbs so even when im sitting in it its 25lbs under stock.

go to the junk yard and pick up a set of non-power seats.. you may have to weld the tracks in.. but they weigh alot.. im not sure but just by picking them up ours feels like atleast 100lbs

Put a cold air intake on it

go highflow exhaust or be cheap and gut the cat and the muffler.

disable both pcv hoses with breathers and egr system with a solid gasket cut out of a soda can to get cleaner burning air, you wouldnt be very efficiant if you ate stuff that came out your rear end would you? You can also just throw a BB or somthing small enough to block the hose but not small enough to get sucked through the system but you'll get a check engine light.

plug the FPR hose.. this will give you full fuel pressure.. i've heard this can help but i doubt it would help on a stock engine, its basically to tie together other mods. a adjustable FPR would be much better.

just look at the mods in my tag... all cheap low budget crap but they do work for small gains, you car will stink and give everyone cancer though...

basically, if you dont want to get into major spending or serious racing mods all you can really do it make the engine breath easier and cleaner, make it lighter and tune the fuel to compensate..

you could probably fart in the gas tank and think you gained 50hp after driving that saturn long enough.
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thanks cigarettcancerman . i have a question though. is there anyway that i can get pics of the breathers you disabled the pcv hoses with and the blocked egr. also, i'm looking forward to the exhaust manifold swap.
cigarettcancerman said:
you could probably fart in the gas tank and think you gained 50hp after driving that saturn long enough.
saturns are actualy good cars ive raced ions they can hang at my bumper the whole time and the red lines will SMOKE our car plus the redline view has a Honda engine in it so their ok in my book
i dont have any pics right now, but you put a breather on each valve cover.. the front one goes straight into the intake manifold, just cap off the manifold side and put a breahter on the cover.. the 2nd one is on the rear valve cover that goes into your intake duct, just cap that off and put a breather on that one too..

make sure you oil your breathers too.

i havent seen too much info on breathers and some people say they dont work, but in my opinion i'd say they sure do, especially if you have a older car that might put out a little more vapor than usual.. i estimated 1-2 more mpg after doing this.. steam from your oil is one of the last things you want to mix with the combustion processes, plus it cuts out almost all of that dirty and sludge that builds up in your throttle body.

girls dig them too, my girl said they were the cutest thing she ever saw lol....
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