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Drive Axles for SALE: Fits ANY ACURA Legend 91-95 BRAND NEW in original box


SALE: Drive Axles for ANY ACURA Legend 91-95 BRAND NEW in original box


Selling a pair of REMANUFACTURED drive axles for any legend from 91-95 coupe or sedan. They are still in the box and have never been opened or installed. The brand is A1 CARDONE. The drive axles come with brand new boots, new CV joints and new grease packed bearings. When they say it was remanufactured, they said it means they use the same OEM CORE only. Everything else is new.

I no longer need these drives axles since i found the small part i needed off a friends car. I thought i needed the entire axle, but apparently i didnt. So i am no longer able to return the axles either since it is over 30 days old from the auto parts store.

The model numbers are as follows:
Front Left 60-4015
Front Right 60-4072

You can reference more info about these axles at this site:

Product Information

Cardone's CV-drive shafts are engineered to be better than your vehicle's original equipment. Original design flaws are corrected and only the latest technology and top quality materials are used in their construction. The result is a replacement drive shaft that will fit like the original and perform even better.
All shaft threads 100% chased for ease of installation
Splines 100% gauged for exact fit every time
All units are measured to exact lengths to ensure a perfect fit
Joint grease formula is matched to boot material to prevent boot deterioration
Boot clamps machine-tightened to strict tolerances to avoid loose boots and clamp failure
A1 Cardone received the 2002 Frost & Sullivan Award for the highest quality CV shafts in the industry

I bought these items at the store they each cost: 75.00 plus 75.00 deposit for EACH CORE from my car. ( HOWEVER, I paid the 75.00 core charge and i never returned the ones from my car, since i never took them replaced the part. So bottom line is i paid 150.00 plus tax for each drive axle and another 150.00 for the CORE charge. Since i have a left and right drive axle, the total i paid was over 300.00 plus tax.

So i am just looking to recover some lost money. If anyone is interested in purchasing these from me (you dont even need to provide a core charge)

I am asking ONLY $130.00 for both axles, no core charge.

Please email me directly at [COLOR=Blue][email protected][/COLOR] if interested in purchasing these axles. i also have several pics. so i can send them to you via email if need be. I do not always check my private messages or this board, so email is the best.


[email protected]
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