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Sandpaper on Headlight Assembly

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Just out of curiousity, for those who actually attempted it, what grit of sandpaper would I have to use on my headlights if I wanted to entirely remove that thin film thats beginning to peel off. Is that some sort of protective coating? Is there any harm in removing it?

The peeling is making my headlights look old.
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It's called a search function :p I took a lot of time to do that little thing, least you can do is type in "polish" or "headlight" into the search engine.
This thin film is news to me. Could it be that someone installed 3M headlamp protector film or similar and this is starting to degrade?
Hey SaGe, how you been?

When I bought my car it had a layer of clear primer on the headlights from some messy body shop! It was horrible and nasty, it actually looked all crusty looking.

I asked this question awhile back and through the advise from some members I did the following:

1) Use 800 grit water-sand paper and water-sand your headlight. Note: keep applying water as you do it. I used a spray bottle full of water and kept spraying the light from time to time. (depending on how bad this layer is on your headlights, you can probably skip step 1 and go straight to 2, I can't tell until I see them).

2) Use 1000 grit water-sand paper and do the same as step 1.

3) Use 1500 grist water-sand paper and do the same as step 1.

4) Use a rubbing compound (such as a 3M or I used Turtle wax brand), apply some to a cloth and rub at them for awhile.

5) Use a plastic polishing/scratch remover agent (again I used a turtle wax product but I heard 3M is also good) and do the same as step 4.

Wash your lights and the should look new again. Mine looked 100 times better after I was done with them.

I also recently did the exact same thing to my OEM fogs and they look alot nicer now too.

Good luck.

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