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I recently purchased Sirius Radio, and instead of paying my local mobile music franchise 81 buckaroos I decided to install it myself. It is very simple after looking at all of the instructions, and since I know how to take out my radio, and mess with the plug-ins in the back, I'm fairly confident.

My only problem is getting the Antenna wire from the back window's molding, into my trunk without it being up against sharp metal.
Knowing that problem, I decided to move on, and see if I could do any more of the work, and come back to the hard metal issue.

So, moving on, I decided to get the wire from the trunk, into the cab so I could run it along the floor molding. Well, It just so happens that in all of the years of me owning my legend, the back seats don't fold down! Furthermore, I couldn't find a gap that I could put the antenna wire through, to put it in the cab. So, I got out of my trunk said :wtf: and gave up.

I'm hoping that you gents/ladies know a better way to get the antenna into the cab to plug in.

Only thing I can think of is lifting off the back seat.... Which I don't want to do.
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