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I did not find them hard to install. They took me 90 minutes to install by myself (not including the seat controls mod I did on a separate day- see link in my signature). Start with the passenger side, as the passenger side is easier than the driver side (there is more room under the passenger seat). A warm sunny day will make them easier (more stretch). Having a friend will make it even easier (for reaching the cords under the seat). I did not remove the seats from the car, as some people have. The Iggee do fit tight and look good imo. They will bridge across the back bucket, because they are so tight. After 7 months of use, they still look very good. The color match of the "leather" portion of the Iggee Beige is very good for my Type F interior. I did not even need to use the headrest covers, because the match was so close. Overall the seat covers are great for the price ($84 delivered).

Here are my comments/suggestions from after my install

complete install directions

Pictures - Click the link in my signature
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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