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Sendel 16 inch rims

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Hello I have a 91 acura legend 4 door with 16 inch sendel rim and 215/55/16 continental tires. I really dont like the look of the tire and would like to go with a tire with a little smaller side wall. I have been looking at the maxxis ma-z4s victra 96v in the 225/50-16 size. Anyone know if the 225/50-16 will fit without any rubbing from the tire?

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The correct thing to do is go low profile.
low profile? I though 225/50 16 was low profile or am I worng? will the 225/50 16 fit without rubbing?
I think most people consiter lo pros to be 40s n below.

Just my 2€
Ok cool. So far i have found that i have sendal s21 rims which are 16x7. Not sure about the offset though. Wont a 40 or 45 series tire look weird on a 16 inch rim?
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