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I'm overdue for an Oil change... I should've done it a while ago but damn the low $$$ (looking for another job). The good thing is taxes are coming in pretty soon, and I had a side job fixing some computer stuff to restore some much needed money flow.

What do you guys think of this:
my car has 134k...

#1 buy BG44k
#2 change oil after use 5w-30? (I live in South Cali)
#3 put in a can of 6-cyl engine restore
#4 change auto tranny oil with some HondaATF

A couple of questions, for BG44k, should the gas tank be empty or full when added? Then wait until the fuel is almost gone right? Is it okay to add some engine Restore right after an oil change? Will changing only what can be drained (according to the manual) for the Auto tranny be enough?

We have a 90L Coupe in the family, for that car we changed the oil with some HondaATF, again only with what is changable, not a full change. The transmission was worlds smoother than before, feels like a new car, it shifts better than my 94GS right now!

What else should I do? I just got this car mid-January. I'm going to call up the dealer to CONFIRM that the timing belt had been changed, I didn't get a "Clear" answer last time.


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You sure about the Engine Restore? I thought it was good to use specifically since I don't know the full history of the vehicle?

I don't know how well my car has been taken care of, but I believe i'm the fourth owner, from what I gather from carfax..:

first 50k was a Lease Vehicle (good right?, because they need to pay any damages, etc, i forgot the real word for this)

second was in Jacksonville florida until 75k...

third was in Las Vegas Nevada, a "Service Contract" shows up, I believe this is some sort of extended warranty... the car then went on auction and was listed as a "dealer sale" @133k.. I got the car from a local used car dealership in Los Angeles

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I would not use it...I know what you are referring to, but some things....uh uh.

If I was in your situation, I would do the following:
Do full tune up:
plugs (NGK/Denso)
PCV Valve
Air FIlter
Coolant Flush
Engine Flush
Fuel Injector Cleaner

I know $$$ is an issue, but, I wouldn't suggest using that restore stuff...I think of using tose in broke down El Caminos' know, a car that if you damage the motor, you can pick one up from Autozone for $500-$1500 (short block 350 or so). IF you damage the 3.2...OMG, you will not be a happy camper.

Just take your time and change the oil, for now...then do the above when you can....

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I would use the BG44K, you can get it at your ACURA dealership for about $20.00 a can. They use it on the cars they work on and that is good enough for me. I dunped a can in about 1,000 miles ago and I have noticed a small change for the better. I am in the same boat as you, I don't know the history of my car but give it alot of TLC and don't use any fix it quick stuff on it.

Just my 2 cents

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future - here is what i would do:

1. get the oil and tranny fluid changed. use synthetic oil (i am a fan of mobil 1 and amsoil. 5w30 is perfect.) at the end of this list, i will post gil's (the forum resident tranny specialist) process for a tranny flush.

2. use the bg44k. i am not sure if the gas tank needs to be empty, full, etc., but i am sure they can tell you wherever you get it (or the directions will be on the can).

these 2, done correctly, will surely make a noticible difference in the way your car feels and drives. here are gil's instructions for the tranny flush:


1. Drain the fluid and add 3.5 quarts of "F" type fluid. F-fluid (ATF) is what is used in Ford transmissions. It has a very high detergent base to it that is designed to clean the internal parts and to break down varnish build up.

2. Drive the car around for several miles and then drain it again . I do not recommend that you leave the F-type fluid in the car for an
extended time.

3. Now having drained the fluid refill the unit with 3.5 qt's of
Dextron II or III and again drive the car around for a few miles
working the Dextron in. While you are doing this what you are
actually doing is diluting the F-type fluid and flushing the dirty fluid
out of the converter at the same time.

4. Return to the driveway and dump the fluid again and

5. repeat the process again. (Steps 3-4)

6. Now , having returned once again , you have drained one last
time. At this point what little F-type fluid that was left has been
drastically diluted and the majority of what you have left is Dextron.

7. Now fill the tranny up with Genuine Honda ATF . Honda fluid has
a high silicone base to it and that is what will keep your tranny
shifting smooth. You now have 3.5 quarts of Honda fluid mixed in
with about 5qts of Dextron mixed with .5 qts of F type fluid (Mix) .
Not enough to hurt a thing. Now to even things out and bring us all
back to Basic Honda fluid , get a bottle of a product called "Smart
Blend" It's made by a company called "Life Products" Be sure to
get the Black bottle as it is specially designed to convert Dextron
over to Honda fluid, this is a product that we endorse, and use it in
all our transmissions through out the building process. If you can't
find it then try Lube Guard , and again use the Black bottle. Both
products have red bottles and I thin also a Blue one too?

8. Pour one full bottle of Smart Blend into the tranny and you're set. Smart blend reduces operating temps as well as is a friction modifier that will reduce clutch pack chatter as well as help with converter lock up. Now the reason you start with the F type fluid is to clean . Then you use Dextron to dilute the F-type (Ford) and besides to dump that much Honda fluid just to flush would be a
sin, not to mention costly as all get up.

Total stuff needed:
1 Bottle of smart blend ( Black Bottle) aprox cost $5.00- $7.00 (I used Lube Guard from NAPA for $11.00)

4 quarts of "F" type Trans fluid
7 quarts of Dextron fluid
4 quarts of Genuine Honda fluid
and the time to play with your car.......

Hope this was helpful, best wishes.........Gil


hope this helps,


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BG 44K is considered the best fuel system cleaner commerically available. My friend got me a couple of BG kits (#210 & 208), if anyone is interested I'm selling them for $28 + shipping (USPS). They come together as a kit.

BG Fuel Injection System Cleaner No. 210

BG 44K® Advanced Formula No. 208


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Products Needed for Tranny Oil Change:
$8- 4 quarts of "F" type transmission fluid
$16- 7 quarts of Dextron fluid
$20- 4 quarts of HondaATF
$6- 1 bottle of Smart Blend from Life Products (Black, special for Honda)

Products Needed for other Stuff:
$20 - BG44k
$12 - 5w-30 Oil (4.5qts non-synthetic valvoline)
$10 - Acura Oil Filter

Tranny Flush Price: $50
Other Stuff $42

Total Price $~92-100 depending on higher prices, etc...
That sound about right? Don't want to risk putting Synthetic on the 133k engine.

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I would only use the Techron. If you are concerned with cleaning the top end, I would either buy the 3M kit and adapter or have the procedure performed. I would also "flush" the entire A/T, not just replace 3.5 qts. The flush will work wonders.
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