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Auto tranny questions.
I've noticed that under heavy acceleration *my normal driving :D*, my 2 - 3 shift point varies wildly. It's anywhere between 65 - 70. If memory serves, the shift point is supposedly 67mph under wot. wth? I'm curious as to why mine ranges so much. Obviously, when it shifts at 65 the car is accelerating MUCH slower than a higher speed shift. It's quite a nuisance.

Another tranny question...
Anyone else have a terrible lurch between 1 - 2 when accelerating slowly? Say... you have your parents in the car and don't want to drive like an ass? I've noticed that it shifts WORSE going slow than fast. Under hard acceleration I consistently spin in the 1 - 2 shift with TCS off.

Just thought I'd see if I was the only one.

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An automatic transmission is suppose to shift at lower a RPM under slow acceleration and shift at higher a RPM when floored. You don't want to be driving at 60mph on the highway at 6000RPM in 2nd gear :)

The transmission determines how hard you are driving the car to determine when to shift it. If you want to drive it hard it will shift it at a higher RPM to get more performance and worse mileage and vice-versa. This is how you want your auto tranny to work.

As far as your 1st to 2nd lurch. This is probably just the typical bad 1st to 2nd shift everyone with an auto legend experiences.
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