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I have a 1991 acura legend 4 door coupe which i have had almost everything done to. Engine, trans, ect.

This is what happened last night...
If i lock my doors it arms my factory alarm. To unarm it i have to unlock my drivers side door. I can no longer unlock my drivers side door because the key doesn't turn the lock. So for a while i was locking my car and unlocking it from the pass. side with no problems. After a while everytime i opened it from the pass side my alarm would go off and i would keep having to turn the key back and forth till it went off. So for the last month i havnt locked my car. Well I had to lock it last night because i had some valuables in it. So my buddies and i went to go unlock it and the alarm kept going off. I disconnected the battery pulled a few relays and pluged them back in, and the alarm was disarmed and i could start the car. I have HID's and now the pass side one does not work. If I unplug the balast and plug it back in, it will flicker for a split second and then nothing. So that is one of my questions.
Then after that the car would not go out of park unless i used the key in the gear release next to the shifter. Is it just chance that this problem started at the same time as this situation, or is it related. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks,
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