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Shock/Strut Top Mount Movement

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I was just taking a look at my rear shocks, and I noticed that the top mount moves/flexes?

There are also some subtle (and infrequent) noises from the suspension that replacement shock and stabiliser link bushings did not completely fix.

Perhaps this is the culprit?


Below are a couple of videos from the right and left top mounts respectfully.

Do note: most of the suspensions noises are drowned out by the noises from my movements/car keys/interior/fuel movement.


Up & Down Movement- RR: New video by Christopher Wong

Up & Down Movement LR: New video by Christopher Wong

Side To Side Movement- RR: New video by Christopher Wong

Side To Side Movement- LR: New video by Christopher Wong
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Is there a torque spec for the strut rod nut and is it torqued to spec? It seems the rubber mount should be compressed a lot more than it is.

There is a torque spec; it's 22 ft lbs. As for whether its torqued to spec...I don't really know; I've never touched that nut before. The shock and the mounts are original, as far as I'm concerned.

I can't really retorque it either; my torque wrench doesn't fit inside; I guess I could take the shock out, compress the springs, and retorque the nut?
I'm not a G2 type and it's been 17 years and +100k miles since I did the suspension on my G1 coupe.

Working on the strut assembly off the car is typically how it's done. The rubber bushing doesn't appear compressed enough. Since the struts are original to the car, it might just be time to do the struts while you have it off the car.

In your video, is that a plastic, snap-on cover over the strut? Can you access the nut if the cover is removed?
Hmm, perhaps you're right. Time for some parts shopping...

As for the plastic snap-on cover...that's just a trim piece. I don't think you can access that from outside in the interior. I suppose if you removed the rear tray, you could access the struts easily. I've never done that before though. Could be an option.

To access the rear struts on the G2, you need to remove the rear speaker, and then reach in and remove the rubber dust cover over the strut, and then you have access to the strut bolt.
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