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hello legend heads--

I would like some help in getting shocks for my car(94ls 4dr)....I was trying to get koni+eibach springs.........but money is short now----My friend suggested

Airspeed shock--i have never heard of these shocks...can someone please enlighten me

will they go with the eibach springs or should i just put the air speed shocks.........

any help would be appreciated

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Never heard of them. Couldn't find anything about them on the 'Net either. Save up and hold out for the Konis. If you are in a big hurry to lower your car, you can use the stock shocks, but you'll be paying to do the job twice when you change to Koni later. Unless you'll be changing them on your own, it will be less expensive to wait until you can afford the Koni and have it all installed at one time.
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