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I need some help with deciding whether or not to buy this '91 Acura Legend I came across when searching for a stick-shift car I can learn on and be decently reliable while taking some mileage off of my primary car. (A BMW 128i) I have yet to test drive the car myself, not knowing stick very well I do not wanna mess up the clutch, but wanted to see if it would even be worth my time to take a look at it and have a PPI done.

First off, it is a black on black 1991 Legend LS 4-door with a 5-speed manual. Clean title with 4 owners. It has 194,600 miles (pretty high I know). Has some issues with the paint but otherwise looks perfect on the outside. The interior looks great with the exception of some torn leather on the driver seat. The seller explained that he had a transmission flush done at 192,000. He also had the timing belt, water pump, ac compressor and dryer, thermostat, radiator, and master and slave cylinder for the clutch replaced all between 180,000 and 185,000 miles. The clutch itself was replaced at about 170k miles along with the heater core. States he is unsure if the head gasket has been serviced recently and that the only issue he has is a valve cover leak. "Regular oil and air filter changes along with tire rotations and brakes/rotors at around 50%. The seller is asking $3,500 but thinking I can get it down to $3k since it hasn't sold in a few weeks.

I'm curious as to whether it would be worth my time to take it in for a PPI and if roughly $3000 would be worth it f the mechanic proves his claims. I am only thinking of owning the car for maybe 6 months to a year and put roughly 10k miles on it or so.

Hoping some Acura Legend guys could help me out here and help me decide whether I should go for it or shy away.

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