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Show vs Go

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I hate pretty boys!

I had a run in with a Accord that had enough stickers, skirts and decibels to catch anyones attention. He had the nerve to rev at the light so we went at it and I spanked the hell outta him. I was kinda dissapointed. I mean, I know the new 200hp Accords aren't as effecient or powerful as our 200hp Type I's. Yet I expected him to put as much money into the engine as he did on the tits!

Let me hear back from some of you guys, Am I wrong? I mean, I have a dent for the last 6 months that I refuse to touch waste money on until I get my headers (next month if thing$ work out right) :rolleyes: What I love are those new BMW 325Ci's with the AC sh!tzner tags and kits. Kiss my arse Nazis!!

All show and no go gets no respect from me!
Was that subtle enough? Holla back Youngin's!

Oh Yeah, I almost forgot.... I've registered for the races at NOPI in september. Anyone care to join me.... ;)
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Re: Racing of course

Boston Speed said:
I'm getting cellphone sized stickers in my rear windows that say "ZZzzzz..." get it.
hehehhe. Sleeper. hehehehe. :D :cool:

Shouldn't this be in off topic????
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