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"Shrinkage Problem": GM Top Engine Cleaner in bottle the size of a D battery

So I go to a GM dealer to buy the GM Top Engine Cleaner so I can clean the carbon off of the combustion chambers. AllData instructions say to draw the cleaner solution through the #21 hose and so on and so forth. So I go to GM and ask for the cleaner and they said all they had was the small bottle about the size of a D sized battery. They did say, though, that the bottle contains a concentrated version of the older, bigger canned version.

My question is: how concentrated is the solution (so I can dilute the cleaner with gas so I have enough cleaner to work with)? How in the world am I suppose to draw such a small amount into the chambers?

I asked two different GM dealers, and they gave me conflicting info about whether or not the small bottle was a concentrated version and if it was concentrated, how concentrated is it.

I got the feeling that they didn't want to divulge any trade secrets. Boy! mechanics are like lawyers. The only diff between them is that mechanics are less intelligent and make less money. :) :giggle: :) :giggle: :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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