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shudders when breaking

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During hard breaking (usually down a hill) my car shudders rapidly (its definatly NOT ABS). Is this just worn brake pads, or do I actually need to replace the rotors.

Also, just got some Bosch Platinum 4 spark plugs, any ideas on how good they are.
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also, if I buy new brake pads, what kind are the best to buy.
If you can find a decent deal on them, try the Raybestos QS Pads, they're ceramic which means they don't make any noise, less fade, and NO brake dust. They will work fine with your OEM brake set-up.
if it shudders your rotors are probably warped. check your pads, but your rotors are more likly to need to be resurfaced
Your rotors are warped. If they're too bad, you will need to replace them. if they are fairly new and haven't been resurfaced before, you can probably just have them resurfaced. It's probably just the front ones.
Breaking what?

Oh, braking. My rotors have been turned (ie, resurfaced) twice and that's it - next time it will be new rotors. I bought the Gold Series of Wearever at Advanced Auto Parts and I was very pleased. Came with the backing plates and cost about $30 for the front set.
Each time you turn the rotors you are making them thinner - actually increasing the odds they will warp even sooner the next time. Just something to think about....
which shops are selling Raybestos's break pad?:confused:
Uh, Pep Boys, Kragen (Schucks, and the other one I can't remember). This is just off the top of my head.
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