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Sideskirt boo boo

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Hello everyone I'm just wondering if this can be fix or just replace it :confused:
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How did that happen? Just curious because when I bought my car it had that as well and I havent gotten around to fixing it. Was it a speed bump?

Mine isnt exaclty in the same place, but it seems similar.
my car has it too! It was there when I bought it, same spot, same side. I wander what causes it?
I'm sure someone that was good with bondo could fix it, although I would just replace it.
That part is actually made out of aluminum (or some other light metal), covered with a plastic coating. Can't really be repaired, unless you use bondo as 91LSMAN suggests. I replaced mine a while back, cost me around 80 bucks. It is held on by plastic clips which will more than likely break when removed, so order those as well if you plan on replacing it. They come in black, so you would have to paint yours to match.
curb anyone.. its just the rocker panel when i was in my accident easy replace u could do it ur self if you found one and had the manual
It was not caused by a curb the car fell off a jack and hit a piece of board.(they paid me for it). Does anyone have one selling?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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