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sans the remus and clear corners of course. Sike naw this damn thing is still erroring in the ignition system. all coils are okay. something i think might be wrong in the ecu but im not sure seeing as how this incomplete chilton's manual doesn't break off any usefull information. what am i not checking. i am running the car in test mode. that is the only way i will be able to get around. with out the jumper wire the car doesn't go past 4 g's and can hardly stay firing, prob is i lined everything back up per christians advice, ran okay for a good 2 days then igniton trouble again. am i miossing something. checked the connections per Dave's advice, nothing is amiss all connections are clean and crisp. what could be the Prob

this car is damn close to being put up for sale to the next hillbilly(thats all we got roun deez pauts"country accent") camaro joe that wants her. :rolleyes: i dont know what the prob is. its reall trying my nerves and working my patience. for me to be able to get around only in test mode is down right "ludacris". its really kicking my e-iz (a55).

all with a helms what are some of the diagnosis for a Code 15. "Ignition Output Signal" Chilton's only gives the code for the prob. does HELM'S tell what could be causing the prblems if so please give me some advice on what to do. dealer wants $500 justto look at it. i dint buy it from a dealership. they would have to use a computer like the Tech 2 that GM uses to test its vehicles. (im familiar with GMs Tech 2). i never used hondas data retreiving system before, let alone seen it. BUT I DIGRESS....

WHat are the diagnosis and, if any, solutions to code 15 in the ECU.

P.S. I am Infinitly sorry for the absurdly long post recently please forgive me.
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