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First, make sure the problems you are having after the repair are all documented on paper(workorder). Don't let them tell you "we don't need to write up a new workorder".
If it's not documented they can stall you for 30 days and then say your warranty is up.

Was it misfiring before you had it repaired?
If so they should have, at the very least, done a compression test to make sure you had good compression on all cylinders. If one cylinder had low compression they would know that more serious problems could exist. Like a craked cylinder, cracked head or burnt valve. It the engine gets too hot, too many times these other problems will occur. If for some reason(god forbid) they have to disassemble the engine to repair something they "didnt know" was bad, the labor is their problem, not yours.

When making the BHG repair allmost everything is disconnected electrically so hopefully they just failed to reconnect something. They should double check the injector connectors and coil pack connectors. It could also be a bad coil pack or spark plug(easyfix).

They should "check the codes" for the check engine light and it will tell them what is causing it to come on.

Good luck
1 - 4 of 29 Posts
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