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Single din MP3 headunit questions

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Hey guys, my factory CD changer died on me several months back and I have been doing the Cd player via the tape deck deal. The CD player I was using was a POS and after much frustration it died (so I ran it over with my Legend and burned it). I am now going to buy a headunit.

I was wondering what are some good headunits that have CD Changer controls, MP3 player built-in, subwoofer output, pre-amp out, I have a 160watt amp wired into my current stock headunit I will continue using, and under $300. I also want to be able to wire it into my steering wheel controls, at least the volume portion of them. I remember seeing a unit that did this a LONG time ago...

Clarion is too expensive from what I looked at and I am not crazy about the Sony's. My old headunit I had in my last car was a Panasonic and it kicked major ass.
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Well, if you want one with 3 rca output's you will have to wait a while more or spend some $$$.

All Prices in Canadian Funds(and as of Dec-Jan)
Panasonic - $325.00
Sony - $325
Kenwood - $350
Alpine $800

I have installed the Panasonic, Sony, Kenwood & Alpine MP3 players and the only one with 3 rca output's front, rear, sub is the Alpine.

The panasonic looks VERY cheap and has front and rear outputs. Has basic functions (bass.treble.fad.bal), but that's about it. I found that the remote output was also very weak (meaning it could not handly 2 amps, ant. neon and a cooling fan, the deck would just shut down) No Remote either and did not do a good job of playing cdrw
***Found it to be a waste of money***

The Sony (I have always HATED sony products) looks really cheap as well (RED WITH BIG BUTTONS, am I blind!) Anyways it also had basic functions and was fairly good at playing cdrw and had a remote. This unit also had only front and rear outputs, would also have to stop and look for trackings on a mixed cd.
***Big Waste of Money***

KENWOOD - only had 2 outputs as well, but found it to be really good at playing cdrw with mpgs. I was also impressed that it could find mpg3 in folders and play them. You could have pictures on the same cd and it would just find the mpgs. Down side it would do a search every so often to find tracks. Bought a remote for $25.00 extra.
***BEST value for your $***

AlPINE - AMAZING. has 3 outputs front, rear, subs with built in hp&lp filters. Full sub control and very impressive sound quaility.
It also found mpg's on cd's with other stuff on them and also found mpg's which were in folders. I noticed that it did not stop and search for track's that long at the begining and did not search at all once the cd's started to play. Came with a remote.
I was impressed because I put a 7863 or something like that cd player or something in my sister's car last year for here (costed $670) and it does not play cd-r's and has been at alpine for service 3 out of the 12 months.
***This deck amazed me, but I personally would not spend that much money on it***

I hope this helps and hope I did not confuse you more. If you are on a somewhat restrictive budget then I would say go with the Kenwood, but if you are a :D HIGH ROLLER:D then I would say go with the ALPINE

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