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Single din MP3 headunit questions

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Hey guys, my factory CD changer died on me several months back and I have been doing the Cd player via the tape deck deal. The CD player I was using was a POS and after much frustration it died (so I ran it over with my Legend and burned it). I am now going to buy a headunit.

I was wondering what are some good headunits that have CD Changer controls, MP3 player built-in, subwoofer output, pre-amp out, I have a 160watt amp wired into my current stock headunit I will continue using, and under $300. I also want to be able to wire it into my steering wheel controls, at least the volume portion of them. I remember seeing a unit that did this a LONG time ago...

Clarion is too expensive from what I looked at and I am not crazy about the Sony's. My old headunit I had in my last car was a Panasonic and it kicked major ass.
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If you want to buy Pioneer MP3 deck, definitely premier 740MP (not 7400MP). 740MP has 3 pre-out even though price difference is just about $20. (MP7400 has only 2 pre-out)

Yeah, there is a catch.. That Alpine model is not the mp3 unit.. the mp3 unit is 7878 , not 7874.. That is just the standard model that looks almost identical to the 7878 but does not read mp3 disks
No catch. You are confused 7894 with 7874. 787* are old models. I'm pretty sure 789* are the new 2002 models like I said before.
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