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Single din MP3 headunit questions

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Hey guys, my factory CD changer died on me several months back and I have been doing the Cd player via the tape deck deal. The CD player I was using was a POS and after much frustration it died (so I ran it over with my Legend and burned it). I am now going to buy a headunit.

I was wondering what are some good headunits that have CD Changer controls, MP3 player built-in, subwoofer output, pre-amp out, I have a 160watt amp wired into my current stock headunit I will continue using, and under $300. I also want to be able to wire it into my steering wheel controls, at least the volume portion of them. I remember seeing a unit that did this a LONG time ago...

Clarion is too expensive from what I looked at and I am not crazy about the Sony's. My old headunit I had in my last car was a Panasonic and it kicked major ass.
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Yes, Either Kenwood or Alpine

I have the Alpine 7878 mp3 receiver, Although It is a bit more expensive then the rest.. It is well worth it

My next choice would have been the Kenwood..

I tested Alot of units before I bought the alpine.. I found the Alpine to be in a class by itself.. It is very fast and has the cleanest sound..

A friend of mine has the kenwood, I would also agree that the Kenwood is the best bang for the buck.. (I think you can get it for around 250 300 or so) (The alpine will run you at least 5)
NickD said:
That Alpine was the one I kept finding for between $500 and $580. $334.80 is an amazing price, is there a catch or something?

Alexander, I haven't come across Premier... got any more info?
Yeah, there is a catch.. That Alpine model is not the mp3 unit.. the mp3 unit is 7878 , not 7874.. That is just the standard model that looks almost identical to the 7878 but does not read mp3 disks
Wow , if it has the same features as the 7878 (last years) than it is a good price..
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