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I want to get 18 inch rims and have seen some 18x7.5 and 18x8.5. I don't want the rims to stick out!!!! I want them to tuck under the fender cause I can't stand to see rims stick out!!It looks so much better tucked under the fender. What does offset have to do any way?!?? Can't you just tell simply by the wheel size. I don't understand what +42 and +55 means I have no clue!!! Can someone please break it down!?!?!??!

Well the widest you can go on any legend is 8.0 inches. I haven't heard of any Legend on 8.5 inch wide rims but if there are they would have to have a high offset like +50's I think... If you want some chromy 18's but big your best bet is to go 18X7.5 with an offset between +40 and +50.. +45 or better like a +48 and you will have absolutly no rubbing.. The offset in "my terms" is how far the wheel stick out from the fender... with Legends the lower the offset example: + 35 offset w/ 18X8.5 rims would probably stick out like roller skates.. but a +55 offset w/ 18X8.0 rims would tuck in..

Low offset (+35) will stick out.... High offset (+50) will tuck in

I would go with:
18X7.0 with a +40 or higher offset
18X7.5 with a +45 or higher offset
18X8.0 with a +50 or higher offset

I'm going with 18X7.0 with a +40 offset and 225/40/18 rubbers..

Anyone correct me if i'm wrong...

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