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i dont have a legend ... yet. i currently drive a 2002 sebring convertable (don't ask ... my parents leased it for me thinking i would like it)

But here's what happened tonight about an hour ago;

I was stopped at flamingo and sheridan heading north (This is in hollywood,fl by the way) And I'm drivin with the top down and i stop for the yellow light. A 96 accord v-6 coupe pulls up next to me. It looked completly stock, no rims or any other exterior dress ups.

So the left turn arrow turns ren and we are still waiting at the light and out of no where i hear his subs, and i look over and he points forward. He reved his engine extremely hard, it sounded like he had a paint cn on he back. I'm thinking hmmmm intake and exhaust, I don't know. (My car is about 4000 pounds compared to his 3100? i think)

So i throgh it in neutral and revved to 3100 the light turned green and i peeled out until 35 in drive1. (yea yea.. i know it bad for anautomatic transmission but its under warranty :)) He pulls 1/4 car length on me at 50 and then i just demolished him from there. Keep in mind im stock at 200 hp. i took it to103 and then threw my flashers on cause i didnt want to run the yellow (it was about to turn red.)

He pulls up next to me and rolls down his window. He said "what the hell is in there" and i said with a grin on my face "stock" (What a great feeling) Unlike most of the civic/accord pr icks he said good run and drove off.

:D :D :D
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