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So Cal Legend Guys - With a 6 speed FS

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My Cousin and I are really into Legends.. at one point we had six 2nd gen legends, a CL and c27a accord! Now we just have a 94 Type 2 Automatic, 94 Type 2 6-speed, 91 5-speed, and the 96 c27a accord.

We would like to either sell whole, Or part out the 94 Type 2 6-speed.

This 6-speed has been worked on for a while and drives excellent... our plan was to make it "perfect" OEM .. however now it is someone else's turn to love this car. It has a rebuilt engine, new clutch, and brand new Katskinz embroidered Italian leather re-upholstery.... It needs paint, a battery, a power-steering hose, and CA registarion. This car will pass smog, it has a NEW catalyic converter. Currently setup with a "gutted cat" and a magnaflow truck exhaust... it sounds perfectly consistent and deep.... not "ricer or poppy". The gutted cat and new cat still use OEM brackets and bolts for easy switching.

Like I said it runs and shifts excellent, just needs a bit more work.. and we no longer have time for this project.

I would make a proper for sale post, in the proper forum if i could.


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