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So my car is fixed?

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So as some of you guys well know i've been having a intermitted overheated problem with my legend. I did a compression test, and checked everything. Finally i pulled the thermostat and saw that it was a after market POS. So i went to my local honda dealer and purchased the OEM thermostat and gasket. I did a coolant flush, put the new thermostat in and put new coolant in it. I drove it around today for almost 3 hours in traffic and could not get it to overheat. Im thinking the car is fixed. What do yall think?

PS: Im gonna keep my eye on it for the next few days

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non oem parts will cause all kinds of trouble. I'd just keep an eye on the needle and the coolant level but you should be good.
Yeah. Kinda sux but OEM is best for us
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