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So what can my 92 LS beat?

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hello i was reading about mustangs and bimmers, from a person who bearly lost to them. and was wondering what a 92 LS can beat? ( so i wouldnt try to) eheheh thanks :D
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naturally aspirated 4 cylinders.
KenS said:
naturally aspirated 4 cylinders.
Not Honda S2000 though................hehehe...........:D :D :D
"naturally aspirated 4 cylinders."

Tell that to my friend with the Spooned up Civic and see what he says... Most GSR's with intake and Exhaust (good units, not some Weapon R crap or Nakayama Racing sports junk, but Tanabe, HKS, etc... gear) will take you off of the line... Type R's will own you until around 60 or so... maybe a little longer... that's as fasr as Honda's go... Let's not get into Eclipse GS-T's and the like...An RSX would be a good race also... I used to be able to hang a little behind my buddy's S2000, until he got SPOONED UP... along with an AEM engine management system... now he toasts V8 Camaros... go figure...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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