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Unfortunately I had nothing but troubles with my 92 Legend that I had bough 8 months ago with 120k miles. I bough it for $2500 and ended up spending close to $1500 in repairs and yesterday sold it for $2000.

Changed tie rod ($150)

Changed tires, Rear only ($200)

Changed timing belt & waterpump ($400)

New brake and rotors in front ($250)

New Ignition Key Switch ($175)

Changed valve Cover Gasket ($100)

Changed Tanny fluid, Honda orig ($30)

Changed Anti Freeze, Honda Orig ($30)

Ram Air Intake (50)

Total $1385

I am sure there were other misc repair expenses that I dont remember.

Had overheating problems
Leaking and Burning some oil
Crappy Gas mileage
Paint on hood, roof and trubk faded after a car wash and required new paint

I could not take it anymore and cut my losses.

Won't get an Legend again unless its in mint shape.

Thanks for all the help and support you guys gave me. I really appreciated it.

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