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some HID questions

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A few HID questions:

- How much did the HID cost?
-Is it easy to install or did you professionally install it? If professional, how much?
-How long does install take?
-Is the HID comparable to the BMW HID or Audi HID?
- Where did you order your HID from?
-Does it have auto leveling?
-Will HID work with JDM 1-piece headlights?

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Read that link.
Auto Leveling headlights are not required in the U.S. It is only required in Eurpoe and some other countries. None of the Acuras with OEM HIDs have auto leveling lights. Most of the new Infiniti's aside from the Q45 don't have them either. Anyway, auto leveling lights would require a whole new lighting assmebly from another car be retrofited into the Legend housing, so I don't believe any of us have it.

HIDs can be made to fit the 1 piece headlights but it will be a custom job. auto-lamps-online said they were making an application that fits the H4H though.
so i'm outta luck b/c i have 1 piece headlights?? :confused:
well, like I said, if you put some custom work effort into it you can make the HID kits fit teh 1 piece as some have done so already. Or, just email that autolamps guys and see if they finished the H4H 1 piece applications. Some said it was done already, but I don't know anyone who has them yet.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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