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jeyo2000 said:
Hi i own a GM daewoo Arcadia 1999 (I think it is a 1995 sedan.....)

Now as it is winter when I start up my car and and drive to my job (only about 5-6 minutes). When I put the car in park the rpms go from idle to 1500 again and again.

Sort of like the rpms are pulsing instead of just staying steady at the normal idle rpm.

Also when is it a good sign when I should replace the battery? I my car is relatively young....only 107000 km on it....about 66k miles.

Thanks..I have loads of questions and things I want to do to my ..legend...aka arcadia.

Also another question in Korea the Arcadia comes in 2 types the Arcadia Royal, and just the Arcadia. What is the difference? Where there 2 types of Legend sedans.....

Ok I better shut up now.....thanks in advance!

We had two models with different trim levels available.

Legend Coupe ---> L, LS
Legend Sedan----> Base, L, SE, LS, GS

Is their anything that these cars share with each other, besides the body?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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