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1. How much would a cvboot cost cause mine tore in half!! how long can i go before something bad happens?

2.I'm going to replace my front bumper cause its cracked in the middle and i was wondering if the front bumper of 95 sedan would fit the same. I have a 92 ls sedan.

3.Does anyone know where is the cheapest place to buy an a/c compressor? mine doesnt work and its starting to warm up and i dont want to sweat my a$$ off so i have to get one soon.

4. What do you guys think of engine flushing? is it worth it?


Well, with the CV Boot, you can just get a whole new axle from for pretty cheap. I got some remanufactured ones for my car at $60 each which is really cheap. I think though that the ones are Raxles are like $120 each.
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