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Someone Reccommend A Good 4- Channel AMP

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In the near future i'll be getting some MB quart 6.5 component speakers w/ crossovers. And some MB quart 6X9's....

I think individually they pus a max of 60-130 watts each...

Also I'll have the rear deck tweeters (130w) running too...

What kind of amp should I get, brand, and wattage?


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send as much power as you can to the interior speakers, I would say for a speaker rated at 50-100 watts, send over 100 to them...the more power, the more dynamic and lifelike the music sounds...just cross them correctly and watch your gains and enjoy. as far as amps, most major manufacatures would be fine, wahts your price range?

I would say what ever would be the best for the speaker wattage break down..

Probably a 800-1000 watt amp...

So I can run all my speakers 2 tweeters, 2 6X9's, 2 6.5's w/ crossovers....
On one amp?

Well no more than 3-400$
personally, iw ould go with a pair of good 6.5" in kick panels and thats it :) send a good 150 watts to them, and you will be more than happy :)

or at the most a pair of 6x9s in the back, but I wouldnt even waste a good pair of amp channel on them...all sound sources should be coming from in front of you.

for that range, any amp from a reputable manufacture is fine...for good price/wattage amps, look to: crossfire, usacoustics, aura, hiflnics zeus series, autotek super sport, and street machine, gs redline, lanzar opti, lighting audio strike, rockford fosgate...etc etc...

I agree 100% with bing.. go with a good set of 6.5 in kicks and you will be more than happy. forget about the rears.
As for a 4channel amp.. I like PPI, Xtant, Zapco, Macintosh, Arc audio, and PG. If your looking to spend only 400 i would say ppi and PG would be a good choice.
cool i'll look into your suggestions..:D
Alpine V-12 amplifiers are very clean and very reliable. I've had a few of them and I've never had a problem with distortion or anything.

I had this exact amp in my 89 sedan. I loved it, good price too!ebay alpine amp
thai dude, i have a MB 6.5 reference set for sale. only used for 90min or less.
Why are you selling them? Can you give me a link on the web for some spec. of the speakers.
my personal preference are PPI's. decent price and good stuff.
I might have an 800a4 for sale, I have one running for myself and the extra one was meant for my gf's car. But I'm thinking just get a 2 channel sub amp for her and run everything off the headunit she doesn't need all that power..
well give me a hollar..
Thai.95LCoupe said:
well give me a hollar..
check pms thai
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