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something just snapped when i turned my wheel to the right

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This has me thinking...

i think back on august or september (4 or 5 months ago) i send the car to service so they swapped shocks, shocks mounting assembly, inner/outer rods and sway bar links.

today i felt that something snapped when i turned my wheel almost to the top right.... so i got home and while maneuvering on my parking spot... same snap

i went to take a drive and test... can't reproduce

shall i be worried?
what should i look for?

this car is very uncommon down here where i live (panama city, rep of panama) so spareparts are both expensive and sometimes not available locally..,.

please advice
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snapping while turning can be a couple things: axle, ball joint or tie rod. I'd lift the front of the car, put on jack stands and check for play @ 3-9 & 12-6.
i've checked and everything looks good... unable to reproduce
Try moving the steering wheel with the car off. and see if it pops.
I have to say that i lived happy after i sent the car to "alignment"... didn't actually told the mechanic what happened... however I just got the snap again while turning on a street hump.. this time it was not as hard... barely noticeable.

I tryied with the engine off (steering is very hard with engine off as you may already know) and it was there... I'm having a feeling about ball joints.. however i'm starting to worry again.
sounds like the ball joints are going bad ,
well.. as i'm working and stuff I haven't been able to take the car to a shop...

suddenly steering wheel has moved a little bit to the left and the car is pulling to the left from time to time.... I have to correct the direction.

eventually it gets strait by his own.... then move to the left a bit again.... annoying.

I have to admit that this is worrying me as i was thinking rack and pinion... however, everyone is saying ball joints... which are available downhere after market although expensive (cheaper on amazon or rockauto); but i'm pissed as i've changed all the ball joints, shock absorber, shock absorber mounts, sway bar links and inner and outer rods on september 2011... too soon to have this issues.
time to revive this thread

Finally.. .a coherent diagnosis...

follow link for pictures

control arm bushings are broken.

they checked balljoints, inner-outer rods etc etc and forgot to look at the bushings.
get fixed asap!
ok forum

I'm going to ask a stupid ass question, however, I'm desperate.

apparently non acura dealer wants my money. I live in Panama city, republic of panama (Central america) and i do own a pobox in miami... but seems like nobody wants my money as i'm not able to pay for the danm parts.

the few online parts dealers who accept paypal have the stupid confirm address thing on their system so it is either ship to panama (paying i don't know how much for fedex shipping) or sometimes it doesn't even let me proceed as the shipping offered does not cover.

anyhow, I finally made an order with ttp:// after taking a while for my bank to change the bill to address to something on the US.... but the order is on "processing" state for like 3 days now.

the stupid question of the day will be... can this be poly filled?
if i keep using my car like this... (driving slow and stuff) what will be the consequences?

I'm not confident with the broken bushings as it may brake something and make it worst. Please advice
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