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sorry for the dumb request, but its quick.

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hey guys i own a 97 ka9 and just got my front lip
and im having a rough time dealing with importers for the rest of the kit.
but i have found skirts for your gen (4dr) localy and readily avalible
so my request is: can i get the measurement of the length of your side skirts
simple and plain isnt it lol
thanks for the help boys
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Not many people put kits on their legends any more.
Stock side skirt length is fine i just need to see if its around the same.
It would help alot
For the rl no the rl is longer then the legend. Im putting a kit on my sedan and my coupe!
can i get an actual measurement plz i could always extend if its small diffrentce
if its too small or to long you can do the same thing why worry about measurements? i mean you already have your your plans so measurements isnt important.
they are 85 inches
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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