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I moved to the boonies with my Legend and found that the closest Acura dealer is 3 hours away. (I know, poor choice.)

I have found very useful info on this forum that enabled me to solve two problems now (flashing D4 and cooling funnies). Many thanks to Matt Whelan for providing and maintaining this site!

But I'd also like something published. The local Honda dealer says that Acura won't provide service information to them. Can anyone point me to a source for such info? And/or recommend any available books?

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welcome! :2cool:

You actually wont need the stealership for much anyway...most members here dont even use the stealer for much of anything. Any local trusted mechanic would be able to do your servicing, and if you need OEM parts, you can call and order them from Acura of Augusta, and get a 20% discount for being a member of this forum (do a search, you'll find the number and instructions on how to get the discount).

If you would like a published book, go get a Haynes manual (you can find one at some auto places for less than $20), and download the Helms manual from the link in the Newbie FAQ (58mb .pdf file). Also, check out the N00b FAQ and 2nd Gen FAQ, both linked in my sig!
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