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spark plugs will not come out

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I suspected my 95 Legend L may have SHG/BHG. We did a test with some device in the radiator that checked for hydro carbons (changes the color of the test fluid). It came back negative, but then I read about the definitive test and asked my mechanic to do that test.

However, my mechanic cannot remove the spark plugs. He did not want to use too much force in fear of stripping the threads.

Basically he said I was screwed.

Does anyone have any tricks/suggestions on how to get them out?
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I had the same issue on my 03 Sentra, spray the plugs with PB Blaster and let it soak. Then try again (make sure the engine is cold.)

I have also had a Tech at Acura tell me to: loosen all plugs a 1/4 turn, put the coils back on, start the engine and floor it once than turn the engine off. (it is supposed to blow the carbon off the plugs making it easier to remove.)

I ended up using a impact gun, (last resort.) GL Once you get them loose use never seize from now on when you replace the plugs.
Be very careful and dont rip the threads out or your going to have bugger problems than sparkplugs getting stuck
3.5 time lol
+ one on the PB blast soak. Let it soak overnight and put plenty on it. I had a stuck o2 sensor the other day. Took me using my IR air impact to remove it and it pulled the threads from the o2 sensor but luckily, no damage to the manifold. Once you release them, buy a spark plug thread chaser to clean the threads, then anti seize the new plugs.
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