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Well, I have searched everywhere for optional spark plugs. The only thing I can find are the origional NGK Platnium that my legend came with. I really find this hard to believe. I ran out of time since my appointment was for today. Yea, Anna, My Legends new name;) , is seeing the doctor today and tomorrow. I have to do it two days because I had to overnite the spark plugs to ATL. This really shocked me. I probably could have driven up to NOPI and gotten them, But I hate going to the store. Any way, to the point of this post. What types of spark plugs have you tried? What did you think? I just want to get some more info.

Oh Yeah, I highly recomend that , if you havent, you replace your fuel filter and clean your throttle body. I had it done today, in 15 min., and my car rev faster. It actually fells a lot better. Tomorrow I get more pun stuff done, but nothing special, yet.
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