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Speaker Problems

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My people,
I have an issue wit my speakers, I started noticing the sound quality became distorted day by day, then out of nowhere three speakers eventually stop working. Every once in a while the speakers will play for a sec then cut off. Do you guys have any place for me to start troubleshooting this problems, thanks
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I'd check the head unit.
Thanks for the suggestion, will look at the unit now
checked the head unit, all the connections are fine, still no sound...
if it the original radio im sure thats your problem unless the amp is gone.
this is an aftermarket unit
so aftermarket amp? or factory amp.
I'm speaking of the aftermarket cd player, is this what u mean by the head unit? this is a 1991 base model with no amp
yes thats what im talking about. well id say speakers are you problem
noproblem at all.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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