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I understand. When I'm riding with my boy in his escort (haaaa, I know, but feel me though) 5spd. That thing feels pretty fast, and I'm like damn, I don't think my Legend could get up like this, until I look at the speedo. Then I'm like daamn, with less than half the effort I could be at that speed, but I won't feel it working.
Kinda like my old Golf Gt. I know it was crazy slow, but working those gears, hearing those revs, feeling every motion of the vehicle, just made it feel good and fast. But, Just race something with the same power as the Legend, or a Legend, and it puts things back in perspective real quick. I lay waste to those cars, but if you are in 'em they feel fast (explains why a lot of stock civics try to fool with much more powerful cars, I think). On the other side of the spectrum, I drove another one of my friend's '88 Stang Gt 5spd. From a Stop, with an 1800-2000 RPM launch the car felt crazy fast, when the motor slightly twists the frame, those glorious pipes start singing, motor starts roaring, and the tach needle starts going fast to the right. But on the highway, going about 70, A drop from 5th to 3rd with full throttle the car really doesn?t pull. and you feel like you are standing still. My Legend seems to pick up where the others left off. It has effortless around town power, and on the highway pick-up is ridiculous. So I say, enjoy maan. It?s quiet when you need it, but has a wild side.
I was riding with this chick in my car cruizin, and she was like I like this car because its quiet.., but before she could get out that last word, I went for a pass, trans kicked down, rpm's went to 4500, engine roaring, exhaust singing, air whooshing, being pressed into the seat, shift at redline,pass, all in a matter of seconds, then all was quiet again, and all she could say was whooooa. My heart was beating fast as hell maan. As Billy Mays (oxy-clean dude) would say, the Legend is the "Muscle without the Tussle"
Sorry to go so long, but I've combined damn near all my passions in one post, but not necessarily in order

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