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speedometer goes on and off help please

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newbie to the site....
when i drive my 1991 legend the speedometer will work every once and a while most of the time i have to go off of rpms anybody have a clue what i should do?
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If the D4 light in the center of your cluster blinks then you should contact Acura of Augusta and order a VSS (Vehicle Speed Sensor) and swap it out. Do a search on VSS. If you own a set of tools do it yourself it's easy.
VSS is bad.

Get it fixed, cause it handles Transmission shiftpoints as well, and you can destroy your tranny with a faulty VSS.
VSS...regardless if the D4 light is blinking or not, sometimes it doesn't blink the VSS is still bad.
aight thanx fellas ill have to get that fixed asap
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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