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Spring Specials are up on the website!
Visit Car Wax, Car Polish, Auto Detail Supplies - Adam's Polishes for more details.

Up on the block:

Super-Plush Microfiber Towels 3-Pack

For $13 dollars, you can own one of our incredible new Ultra Plush Microfiber Polishing Towels. For under $30, you can have three. Measuring 16 X 24", and featuring satin edging and removable tag. Featuring the highest quality raw materials currently woven, and the softest feeling towel you have ever put your hands on. It's a natural reaction to touch your face with this towel! It's softer than anything your baby cuddled, and you'll want a few to use in your kitchen. When our bath towels hit the market, you'll be first in line to sign up for a pair!

Microfiber technology comes from Korea or China. China is where literal mountains of inexpensive Microfiber are woven. It's possible to buy 24 Chinese Microfiber Towels for under $10 at your local big-box discount store! The highest quality, and most consistent quality Microfiber technology is produced in Korea. Scary thing, while Microfiber is almost always better than cotton for polishing or drying, the quality is dropping. Notice the price of Microfiber dropping through the floor? Think the quality is improving, maintaining, or dropping off? Accounts of people scratching their previously scratch free vehicles with these towels are popping up all over. Use those towels as you would a shop towel, and don't wash them! Consider when wiping your finish, "How much would it cost to repair the scratches

SKU: M006 Weight: 3.00 Regular Price: $38.95
On Sale For: $29.95

Machine Polishing Essentials Kit

When you want to take a more serious approach to using Adam's Polishes with the Porter Cable Orbital Polisher, there are some items you'll appreciate in this collection. Starting with 2-sided pads of all three grades, and the adapter to use them on your PC. Also, the Super Plush Microfiber Towels and Detail Spray make the results achieved even more impressive. If you are looking to achieve truly amazing results on your finish, start with this all-inclusive collection to use with the PC. Over $200 if purchased separately, save $50 with this quality collection.110% Guaranteed to Knock your Socks off!


1. 2-Sided Black Waxing Pad
2. 2-Sided White Fine Polishing Pad
3. 2-Sided Orange Swirl Killer Pad
4. Adapter for the 2-Sided Pads w/ Porter Cable D/A
5. Fine Machine Polish
6. Machine Super Wax
7. Swirl & Haze Remover
8. Detail Spray (use on pads while polishing)
9. All Purpose Cleaner (pad cleaning agent)
10. Two Super Plush Microfiber Polishing Towels
11. Instructional DVD

SKU: K030 Regular Price: $199.95
On Sale For: $159.95

Detail Spray Collection

Product Details:
Adam's Detail Spray is that fabulous pink stuff that you'll use the most. It smells incredible, doesn't streak, and leaves a nice finish on paint, chrome and anything that shines. Available in this special collection in three sizes: Gallon, Standard 16-oz, and 4oz Glove Box Spray. Also included are two of our incredible Super Plush Microfiber Blue 16"x24" polishing towels, one EZ-Fill Funnel, and a DVD. An $75 value priced for under $60!

This Collection Includes:

* One Gallon Detail Spray
* 16oz Detail Spray
* 4 oz Detail Spray
* TwoSuper Plush Microfiber Polishing Towels
* Refill Funnel
* Adam's Instructional DVD

SKU: S003 Weight: 14.00 Regular Price: $74.95
On Sale For: $54.95

Absolute Essential Gallons

Are you running low on the essential items you use the most? This combo of refills is perfect for those who wash and maintain their fleet weekly. This package includes all of the necessities to clean the wheels, wash the vehicle, dress the undercarriage, as well as give your paint and glass that spot-free shine. Regularly these items sell for $119.95. On sale for $89.95. Save $30!

Absolute Essential Gallons

* 1 Gallon Detail Spray
* 1 Gallon Car Wash
* 1 Gallon Undercarriage Spray
* 1 Gallon All Purpose Cleaner
* 2 Refill Funnels
* 4oz. Detail Spray, 4oz. Undercarriage, 4oz. All-Purpose Cleaner - As Freebies

SKU: K018 Weight: 40.00 Regular Price: $119.95
On Sale For: $89.95
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