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squirrely rear suspension

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Howdy, newbie to this forum
Had the '94 Legend Coupe since '95. Replaced all the struts, but now the rear end acts like it's going to shake itself to pieces. On curves at SoCal freeway speeds even small bumps make it hop, skip, jump around. It seems the tires (aftermarket tires and rims) leave the ground, even going straight, and it bounces for a long time, as if the shock or strut didn't have enough damping or was too soft. Small potholes shake it. How do I tell if the struts are OEM or cheap knockoffs? This makes me not like the car anymore. It only has 160k on it.
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what did you replace struts with? also check your rear sway bar link bushings
I had a front strut that froze, so that it went up and down VERY slowly. Felt like what you're describing. Do a bounce test on your struts.

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