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Stalling issue

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well i just recently puchased a 90 acura legend not to long ago and am quite happy with the car especially for the price i got it. Aside from that i've been having an on going problem with the blasted thing. See thing is it starts up fine and runs great for a while then all of a sudden just shuts off as if it runs out of fuel no matter how much fuel it has in it. Thing is 3 to 5 minutes after it shuts off it starts right back up agian and runs fine. Ive ran a fuel system cleaner through it and it still continues to do so. ive also changed the fuel filter just incase it was clogging but no dice, the problem is still there. I have a feeling its not the fuel pump due to the fact that aside from the occasional stalling the car runs fine. I've read a few forums stating it could be a faulting main relay, could that be the problem or is there something i'm missin. any info would be much appreciated.:wtf:
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Go to the G1 newbie stickie post in the top of the forum and look at the "Main Relay symptoms" and "Main Relay Solutions" links.
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